Something Blue - Emily Giffin

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

As the second (sequel) to Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed I was equally drawn into this novel as well. Something Blue is an interesting writing approach to being a counterpart. Something Blue takes off from essentially where Something Borrowed left off but instead with another person as the main character. Seeing the story through Darcy's eyes definitely gave it a new spin - I unexpectedly took a liking to Darcy, especially since at the beginning of the book I was feeling as though I don't want to read this through her point of view. But I quickly got caught up in the book and seeing it from her side... I guess it is true, although cliche, that every story has at least two sides. I fell in love with yet more warm and realistically likable characters in this novel.

The story kicks in when Darcy visits an old friend, Ethan, in London. At first she’s the same old girl who drinks alcohol despite being pregnant, spends all of her money on designer clothes that won’t fit in two months time and bullies the introverted Ethan into letting her stay longer.

Of course, this isn’t much of a story so far, and the crux of this book is seeing how Darcy changes and develops into an all-round more lovable person. Her story is one of sadness that ultimately becomes hope.

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