Last Man Standing - David Baldacci

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This book took a little bit of time before I began to really grasp the story line, it is an excellent story, but written in a very scattered way. Webb London is a tough but tender-hearted hero who through difficult times of learning of his own life has to deal with the dirty dealings in the nation's bureaucracy. It truly is what I would call a roller-coaster plot. Webb London, a member of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), froze up on a drug raid and thus became the sole survivor of a remote-controlled ambush that killed six of his compatriots. Now the only witness has disappeared and the inside man on the botched raid has gone underground.

As a pretty psychiatrist puzzles over the corners of Web's brain that kept him alive, Web himself stays on the move. He's certain that the ambush is connected to the prison escape of a neofascist leader, Ernest B. Free, whom he helped arrest five years earlier, and a series of new murders leads him to a Virginia horse farm and the driving force behind all the carnage.

I wasn't a fan of most of the character base in this book, but it does offer a thrilling read and keeps you going until the end.

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