A Modest Proposal - Michele Ashman Bell

>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To start off I found this article that Ms. Bell wrote about this book, and thought it would be great to include it here:

"I got the idea for this series as I sat at book signings and marveled at how many of the wonderful women I met were either with, or talked about, their women friends and/or family, their support group, so to speak. As I realized this I began asking women about it. Nearly all of them had a group they were very close to. Either it was sisters and sisters-in-law, or friends from school, from their ward, work or neighborhood. I love this about women and wanted to write a series based on this. My story is about five friends in high school who experience a traumatic incident on graduation day that bonds them together for life. They realize that they are all heading out into the world, going their own directions, and they wanted to stay in touch. So they promise to meet once a year and have a reunion.
The book skips ahead to when they are turning thirty and picks up on where they are in their lives. Each book in the series will be the story of one of the women in the group. The first book, A Modest Proposal, tells about Lauryn, who becomes a dress designer in New York and is convinced that she can design high fashion clothes that are still modest. I chose this theme because I have daughters and we get frustrated with this all the time. It’s difficult to find clothes, especially prom dresses, that are beautiful and stylish, but also modest. My book is dedicated to all the moms and daughters who have spent time in dressing rooms crying because they are so frustrated."

I have recently found this "friend group" as I call it, and related to this book in it's entirety. I hope that as my friends and I grow we can remain in touch and share those special yet hard moments of our lives with each other.

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