Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella

>> Monday, January 21, 2008

Ever since I picked up "Confessions of a Shopaholic" when it first came out, Sophie Kinsella has been an author that I really enjoy reading. Her heroine Becky Bloomwood (now Brandon) was so much fun to read about with her constant shopping and worries and obsession over stupid things. I enjoyed the different take that this book had over her past others of, 'What will happen to Beckys spending now, how will she manage to get out of debt, will Luke find out that she spent all the money, but "Shopaholic and Baby" has something different to give.

In this installment of the series Becky isn't obsessing over some stupid little thing and making a mountain out of a molehill. The crisis in "Shopaholic and Baby" is that Becky's must-see celebrity OBGYN, Venetia Carter is Luke's ex-girlfriend, and she believes that Luke might be cheating on her with the doctor. And she has good reasons to think so. Any woman in her position would think so. Because she's having these worries, this total justified panic about secret phone texts in Latin and Luke not being where he says he is when he goes out alone, when she's very pregnant, it's not funny, it's sad and miserable. You can really feel Becky's pain and panic about Luke's possible infidelity and unlike the other books, where she would worry about her wedding or something, it's not funny. Sophie really does a great job of bringing your emotions into the book and that is something that I enjoy. Don't get me wrong there are still plenty of "Becky" moments to keep you laughing throughout the book.

An enjoyable rainy day read, as long as you read the other ones first.

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