Relentless - Clair Poulson

>> Thursday, September 18, 2008

This novel is a good and simple, although at some parts it was difficult and exasperating, too. Here's an author with a powerful story to tell, superb timing, a great plot, authentic background, and likable, believable characters who could have easily turned a "good" book into a "fantastic" book by paying better attention to basic writing technique. Far too many times the reader must re-read sections to discover who thought or said something. Poulson does not stick to one point-of-view through an entire scene, which leaves the reader confused. In fact, the author seems confused as to what actually constitutes a complete scene.

He also leaves you hanging, and not the good kind. He gets you involved in one of the characters/hostages life and how much the main character Erica cares for him and then all of a sudden the little boy is gone from the story. You have to use your imagination to fill this in. He has too many side stories that get you lost from the main point of view and the main plot of the story. It was a fast read, but a bit difficult at times.

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