Crime Seen - Victoria Laurie

>> Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I love Victoria Laurie's' Physic Eye Series! This book was no exception to that or to the series itself. I have enjoyed all of her books and the first 4 every book kept getting better and better! I was although a little disappointed with this one, there was less mystery and more romance, don't get me wrong I love the mystery romance novels but I liked how she kept the romance kinda a mystery as well, it's like the heart of the book was romance with a little mystery, I much preferred it the other way around.

Her character, Abby Cooper, is a psychic around the Detroit area, and she has this gorgeous hunk of a boyfriend Dutch, who is FBI - Abby is recuperating from her gunshot wound at Dutch's house - She is upset her 'Crew' (her guides on the Other Side who help her psychically) didn't warn her that she was going to be shot. She shuts down and temporarily stops her career - But in a great move, Dutch asks for her help in some cases he is working on - That is a huge move for Dutch - at first he was skeptical - Great to see him progress as well - Abby goes undercover to find clues to unravel Dutch's case - dangerous work - and exciting!

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